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Mobile and web projects design

Art of graphics design
What is graphics design?
Graphics (visual) design is an activity aimed at the formation of a harmonious visual environment.

On the Internet, graphics design is used to create various Internet objects - WEB-sites, applications, banners, individual elements of WEB-pages, etc.
Why do we need graphics design?
Graphics design is a discipline that combines science and art. On the one hand, it uses the achievements of psychology to control the perception of the user, and on the other hand, many years of experience in the development of visual arts.

It is a mistake to associate graphic design exclusively with the concept of "beauty". Of course, visual appeal is necessary, but functionality is important as well. Any WEB-object has its purpose - to be an information carrier (medium), to attract attention, to create the impression, etc. Graphics design is a powerful tool for influencing the user.

Using the principles of graphics design allows you to convey the user specified information and emotional messages, as well as stimulate the commission of the specified actions
Graphics design by Rational Lab
Rational Lab designers perfectly know the technologies of creating visually attractive and efficient mobile applications and WEB-objects. The design of your project will be created in Sketch or PSD format.

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