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mobile applications development

Mobile application is a special application with a mobile-friendly interface, which allows you to use the world-wide web resources to the full

What should be a mobile application?

Up-to-date mobile application must meet the following requirements:
Have a functional that fully meets the needs and wishes of the user
Stable operation both online and offline
iOS & Android
Different modifications for different operating systems and their versions

Advantages of native applications

For the development of mobile applications, a native programming method is used - that is, writing programs in the "native" language for a specific mobile operating system.
Apps by Rational Lab can operate on iOS and Android.
Native approach
Native applications are fast and stable
Software programming languages
Using Objective-C, Swift, Java for mobile development allows us to integrate the application as deeply as possible on the target operating system, as well as to use all the capabilities of the hardware platform (for example, memory management, camera, geolocation, data transfer, etc.).
The same principle works with languages PHP, SQL, NodeJS, jQuery, Python, Ruby and others for server development.
Native application is easily linked to an existing Web site or a valid information system

Client/server applications

In a separate class of applications, there are so-called client-server applications with "cloud" database hosting and server control panel. The client-server architecture allows the implementation of advanced application functionality, including:
Social web
Data exchange programs
Corporate applications
Applications and electronic control center for taxi, logistic service and couriers
Online shop applications
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