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All capabilities of world wide web
From WEB-site to complex WEB-solutions
Prior to the beginning of the two thousandth, WEB-sites were mainly considered as a kind of electronic business card. Business functionality was mainly limited to visual advertising and informing users. However, the development of Internet technologies has opened up radically new opportunities and capabilities offered by the world wide web for business

The Internet is a platform that allows you to organize an infinite number of interactions, including the establishment of company communication channels with clients, contractors, banks, various services, as well as channels between employees and departments within the company. It became possible to collect, keep and process huge amounts of information about the nature and results of interaction, which allows us to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of business communications, make plans and forecasts. The traditional WEB-site turned from a beautiful picture on screen into an effective business tool.
CRM-systems on Web
One of the popular business areas for using the Internet has become the CRM-systems (Customer Relationship Management) - specialized Internet solutions that organize the company's interaction with clients. Such systems allow sales operations, collecting marketing information, holding promotions and advertising campaigns. In fact, CRM-systems have become a tool that dramatically improves business efficiency.
Web-solutions by Rational Lab
The capabilities of Web-solutions by Rational Lab may include the following:
  • Record keeping
  • Tariff Management Services
  • Implementation of a process control system
  • Marketing, advertising campaigns
  • Integration with third-party APIs (Yandex, Google, VK, FB, Twitter, etc.)
  • SSL certification
  • Management of mobile app and web service user data

Web solutions by Rational Lab can have the most varied functionality and capabilities - from simple applications to complex multi-user systems.
Rational Lab implements a turnkey approach, providing clients with a complete turnkey solution.
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